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The bond between a father and son is very important and for many reasons that bond or lack thereof can be the greatest thing in life or the most devastating. Things I Wish He Knew Our Letters of Truth From a Male Perspective is a compilation book of letters written from fathers to their sons & sons to their fathers. 

The purpose of this book is to allow men a platform to step out from the shadows of hidden unspoken words and speak directly or indirectly to their father and/or son. It may be something they've never gotten the chance to say, are too afraid to say or don't know how to say. 

I wanted to provide an opportunity for all men to shed light and give voice of praise, appreciation, hurt, disappointment, wisdom or instruction. -  Publisher/Co-Creator J. Wright Middleton

"The absent father” epidemic is an unfortunate, seemingly generational, occurrence. It has plagued numerous homes and families. Truth is, it has no ethnic boundaries and no demographic structure, but as an African American man I’ve seen how this “curse” has affected many within my community. Fathers being absent in the lives of their children appeared to be the norm. Even I was a victim of such a reality. I suffered growing up without the active presence of my biological father. Certainly, there were other men in my life I could look up to however there was still a void. For years, I harbored feelings of hurt, rejection, anger & loneliness. I had a distorted view of what fatherhood and sonship was all about." - Co-Creator Daniel Middleton