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Welcome to Vision Directives an author coaching and book publishing service company. At Vision Directives we believe that we are the answer for the writer who has a vision that is bigger than themselves. 

Writing a book is an important step in your vision but it's not the foundation. The purpose behind the writing is what will sustain the message, intrigue the readers and impact lives. Bringing a book to life is a process and at Vision Directives we help you see the endless possibilities in building a vision that lasts.

We are designed to help authors that are ready to take their writing into their own hands and produce a finished product that they can stand with and live up to. Our clients are "coachable", willing to reach beyond themselves and committed to the journey. We have set ourselves to become a service providing entity that makes our clients and partners feel safe and empowered. We have established, professional partners that believe our authors should have the best opportunities for success. 

At Vision Directives our main goal is to help you direct your vision. 

*At this time we do not publish fiction, erotica or street lit. We also reserve the right to decline to publish anything that we feel will not fit the Vision Directives brand.* Thank you

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Vision Directives

"Product is what you want. 

Vision is what God wants."

 - Andrea Smith 

Author of "The Process Matters"

Now Is the Time to Worship will resonate with those who desire to encounter God, reconnect with God or experience more of God. It is also a great tool to help pastors, worship leaders and laypeople strengthen their understanding and practice of personal and corporate worship.

Now Is the Time to Worship was featured in a photo shoot with NBC's New York Live co-host Jacque Reid, and it was also featured in the November 2016 edition of KISH magazine.

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